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Registered Massage Therapist - Wanted
We are looking for a talented and motivated Registered Massage Therapists to join our Island Optimal Health & Performance team!  Along with offering Massage Therapy, our Island Optimal Health & Performance team also includes chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, athletic therapy, and class IV laser. Please contact Kristen at dr.butler@islandoptimal.com to inquire. 
Moksha/Modo Yoga Pillar #3 - Live Green
Since 2004, the Moksha and Modo Yoga community has thrived on 7 philosophical pillars, each one rooted in the traditional teachings of yoga to ensure that everything we do as a community comes from an ethically awesome, yoga foundation. Our third pillar is Live Green. In a nutshell, our community is passionate about conservation. We plan for the protection of our planet! #LiveGreen #MokshaYoga #ModoYoga
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