Kamila Nowak

Kamila grew up on Vancouver island, keeping active by playing soccer and tennis, as well as swimming and hiking within VI’s bountiful forests. Dance was a huge part of Kamila’s yoga journey and active lifestyle as well; she fell in love with graceful movement, and learned much about stretching and her limits of flexibility. Kamila still frequently dances(like nobody’s watching), although it’s no longer in a studio atmosphere. 
Yoga came into Kamila’s life 6 years ago, she took a series of yoga classes at a local gym, and the restorative functions and power of breath latched onto her heart and mind. Moksha yoga came into play for Kamila just over 4 years ago, and has dug it’s roots into every aspect of her life, having helped her through many challenges by being a constant source of joy and peace within her life. Each and every pillar that Moksha stands for are an ever eminent way of living for Kamila; She continues be involved in the community and ‘living to learn’ by having completed her level 1 Moksha Teacher Training(July/2016). You will probably see her around the studio a lot, as she handles some Studio Operation work at the front desk – seeing all the smiling yogi faces every day warms her heart, and is profoundly appreciative to have this community to call a second home! She hopes to be guiding you thorough your practice with love and/or chatting with you at the desk very soon!