Hypnotherapy Workshop for Stress Relief

with Tash Vincze

Why is it that health-conscious people are still stressed out? Working with the physical body is only working with part of the problem. Our minds generate plenty of negativity, which can negate your efforts for optimum health. Certified hypnotherapist, Tash Vincze, will lead a group hypnotherapy session, while discussing the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Sunday, Sept 21th
Rutherford Studio
Cost: $35 plus tax

**Please pre-register, limited space
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Intro to Hot Yoga Workshop

with Katie Hunter

Perfect for students new to Moksha Yoga, those who have never tried yoga before, and seasoned yogis who are always ambitious to learn.  This workshop gives the opportunity to break down the key postures in the Moksha series.  A limited class size allows for more personal attention, special adjustments and chances to ask questions as we go.

Learn the ABC's of Moksha, Alignment, Breath awareness and Containment and practice your yoga with confidence!

The last Sunday of the Month
Rutherford Studio
Cost: $20  |  $10 for Auto-Renew Members  |  or FREE with 1st Month Special Pass

**Please pre-register, limited space
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Autumn Cleanse

with Dr. Clare Craig, Naturopathic Doctor

Autumn is a natural time of transition and an ideal opportunity for a gentle cleanse that will retune your body and mind, and prime your system for a winter (and a lifetime!) of wellness.  The view in Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science of medicine, is that we accumulate heat in our tissues in summer, and when fall arrives with its cool winds, this fans those fires.  This can foster or encourage inflammation, which many medical specialists believe is one of the root causes of many chronic illnesses.  This inflammation can also lead to mental and physical burnout, stressing the adrenals, nervous system and liver, putting some of the body’s natural detoxification processes on hold.  It can also deplete our reserves to fight off infection, just as we are getting more exposed.
Fall should be a time to slow down and restore.  It is a chance to support the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, take stock of the influences we allow in our lives, from food to technology to thoughts, and make space for habits and choices that will help to establish the health and vibrancy we want.
Join us from October 14 – November 4, for our 4th Annual Autumn Cleanse.  This comprehensive three-week program, led by our Naturopathic Doctor, Clare Craig, gives you all the tools to complete a safe, effective, healthful cleanse, re-establish a healthy diet, and kick start the upcoming season.  And you get to do it with your fellow Moksha yogis!

October 14-November 4
Cleanse Details Here