Auto-renew Services

As an auto-renew member – the more you sweat the more you save!
Discover the transformative effects of yoga with unlimited classes! Even if you practice twice a week – this is the best offer for you!

  • Unlimited yoga with automatic renewal on VISA, Visa Debit or MasterCard
  • Your credit card is charged $100+tax once per month until you decide to cancel your membership (we require a minimum of 4 months to get this super deal)
  • After the 4 month minimum commitment, your auto-renew pass continues monthly until you decide to cancel (just give us 30 days notice)

When you sign up for the Monthly Auto-renew Pass before your First Month Unlimited Special pass expires you get
30% off your First auto-renew month…that’s only $70 for your first month!! PLUS: 50% off a hot yoga towel & 30% off Vega hydrator!

*Must be 16 years or older to practice yoga at Moksha Yoga Nanaimo.



Need to rework your membership? 

You can suspend your pass once a year up to 90 days after the initial four month period if you need to pause it due to travel, illness, or a personal reason. Each case will be reviewed before approval.

Suspension request form

Cancellation request form

*Please note – if suspended, pass must be active for minimum 30 days prior to cancellation.

*Please note – key tags must be returned when you cancel your pass. Un-returned key tags may be subject to a $20 fee.


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