6th annual Moksha Autumn Cleanse with Dr. Clare Craig

Autumn is a natural time of transition and an ideal opportunity for a gentle cleanse that will retune your body and mind, and prime your system for a winter (and a lifetime!) of wellness.  The view in Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science of medicine, is that we accumulate heat in tissues in summer, and when fall arrives with its’ cool winds, it fans those fires.  This can encourage inflammation, one of the root causes of many chronic illnesses.  This inflammation can also lead to mental and physical burnout, stressing the adrenals, nervous system and liver, slowing the body’s natural detoxification processes.  It can also deplete our reserves to fight off infection, just as we are more vulnerable.

Fall should be a time to slow down and restore.  It is a chance to support the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, take stock of the influences we allow in our lives, and make space for habits and choices that will help to establish the health and vibrancy we want.

This means it’s an ideal time to take part in the upcoming 6th annual Moksha Autumn Cleanse.  For regular yogis who have been around for one before, you know the drill and can just cruise over to the website and sign up!  If you’re new to the Moksha Nanaimo family, or never knew much about it, every year in the fall we organize an amazing 3-week cleanse program, focusing on healthy eating and lifestyle habits, and we do it as a group.  Participants get a kit that contains all you need to complete the cleanse effectively (OK, minus food!)  There is detailed information given about foods to eat and foods to avoid, and self-care tools, along with therapeutic detoxification support to maximize the benefits of the program.  It is about eating real food, not caloric restriction or fasting.  We have a potluck after the first week to share recipes and hang out, there is an online group for support, and it is generally pretty fun and challenging.  Some people do it every year… like me!  So if you are interested in a kick-start, but unsure how to go about it, this is a chance to participate in a comprehensive cleanse program with guidance from a Naturopathic Doctor and the support of our outstanding community – way more accessible and fun!  Even better, sign up with a friend and share the experience.

Early-bird deadline to sign up is this Friday, September 30!

There is a meeting at the Rutherford studio next Monday October 3 to go through the details of the diet and overall make-up of the cleanse, so that you have time to prepare for the start after Thanksgiving.


Early-bird deadline to sign up: September 30 (this Friday!)

Cleanse info meeting: Monday, October 3rd 5:30 Rutherford studio

Cleanse: October 11 – November 1 (starts after Thanksgiving)

Contact your local studio to sign up!

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