Steve Hamilton

Steve has practiced yoga for over ten years and took his first Moksha class on the day the Rutherford studio opened!  He really liked Moksha’s principled, wholistic approach to yoga and in June, 2013 decided to become a Moksha instructor by taking the Victoria, BC training.  This was a ‘life changing’ experience that opened up a whole new world of learning as well as deep community connections.

As a life long outdoor adventurer (skier, rock climber, mountaineer, kayaker, and cyclist) Steve finds that a regular Moksha practice enables him to keep pursuing his dreams in challenging wilderness environments.

Steve is a long time educator with many years experience working with children and adults in school and outdoor settings.  He has decades of experience exploring and guiding people through remote and beautiful West Coast vistas.  He is passionate about environmental preservation and is a strong advocate for ‘green’ initiatives.

Steve sees yoga as a wonderful way to connect with people and he is inspired by the day to day encounters with students in the studio.  He hopes to help people find fitness, good health and inner peace through the day to day practice of Moksha!