Kristen Butler

Meet Dr. Kristen Butler – student, yoga teacher, Chiropractor and owner/director of Moksha Yoga Nanaimo – aka Kristy! She is the heart and brains behind Moksha Yoga Nanaimo and the one we can thank for bringing Moksha Yoga to the West Coast!

Kristy’s yoga career began in 2005 while she was attending Chiropractic School in Toronto. She volunteered at a Moksha Yoga studio there and was able to continue practicing yoga, which helped her stay focused, centered, healthy and driven during the demanding life as a professional student. Her love for Moksha Yoga and all of its benefits led her to take her yoga teacher training in 2007 and on to open the first Moksha Yoga studio in British Columbia right here in Nanaimo.

Kristy is also the owner of Island Optimal Health & Performance, which is so beautifully coupled with Moksha Yoga in offering the community of Nanaimo a full spectrum of multidisciplinary health services. She, who used to teach all the classes in Moksha Nanaimo’s inception while managing all the inter-workings of the studio and providing Chiropractic care to her patients, can now be found working behind the scenes (usually with her toddler and baby in tow) to find creative ways to better serve our community and the world and is so grateful for the opportunity the studio and clinic have given her to do so.