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Friends with Benefits all summer long!

FREE YOGA  FOR YOUR FRIENDS!  SUMMER is so much better when we spend it TOGETHER Auto-Renew Members can give a  FREE(!!) ONE MONTH UNLIMITED YOGA PASS  this summer to THREE FRIENDS! – details below – We know that giving feels so much better than receiving, so here’s your chance to chose three special people in… More details

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Peace Pass 2017

              Imagine a world where more people did yoga, a world in which was more peaceful, happier, and people felt connected and supported by their surrounding community? This was the motivation for the Peace Pass. This pass encourages students to try different yoga studios in our area by granting… More details


Grow Your Yoga 2016 This April!

Moksha Yoga Nanaimo Presents Grow Your Yoga 2016! Expand your yoga practice both ON & OFF the mat and help raise $ to combat climate change via the DAVID SUZUKI FOUNDATION! How to participate you ask? 1. Do Yoga Get ONE MONTH UNLIMITED YOGA pass for the month of April for only $110! (that’s a… More details


We want to make it up to you!

We acknowledge that sometimes we make mistakes. Due to a few 6:30am classes that were missed this summer we want to make it up to you by offering one WEEK of FREE 6:30am yoga from August 31st to September 4th, followed by yummy baked goods, coffee and tea! Dufferin | Aug 31st – Sept 4th … More details